Under EYE Puzzle skin treatment

Understanding the Under Eye Puzzle

Understanding the Under Eye Puzzle My patient Alka (name changed) once came to me with a peculiar problem. “Doctor Rajat, I’m a happy girl. I like my life and I like my job. But I’m sick of people asking me why I look so glum, because of the dark circles around my eyes. I’ve been […]

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Painful boil inside nose

Painful Boil Inside the Nose: Can It Be Dangerous?

Painful Boil Inside the Nose Boils inside the nose may not be as harmless as they may seem. Sometimes, you may have experienced a throbbing pain inside the nose and discovered that the culprit was a boil. Although they are small, boils on the insides of the nose can be doubly irritating than those on […]

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Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser Hair Removal: Q & A With Dr.Rajat Kandhari

Laser Hair Removal Q. 1 WHAT ARE THE AREAS FOR LASER HAIR REMOVAL (LHR)? Dr. Rajat Kandhari: The most commonly requested areas for laser hair removal in women are facial hair, particularly the upper lip and chin area, sometimes even the jawline. Further, lower limbs and underarms and bikini line are common areas which are […]

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Valentine's Special Flawless skin Habits


6 HABITS FOR FLAWLESS SKIN Valentine ’s Day is just around the corner and you definitely want to look our best self on this day of love. Everybody has made plans whether single or with your special someone. The thing about looking good is that it makes you feel good from within. ‘If you look […]

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Pediatric Dentistry Near Me

Why your Child Needs to Visit a Dentist ?

Why your Child Needs to Visit a Dentist ? Let’s start with why is it important for your child to visit a dentist at an early age. By early age we mean as soon as the first teeth erupts. Being the most trusted and best dentist in Delhi, Dr. Gargi Kandhari suggests so because it […]

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Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin Care Tips from Dr. Sanjeev Kandhari

Winter Skin Care Tips So, Delhi’s chilly winter is almost here and because we care about you we thought of compiling some winter skin care tips straight from Dr. Sanjeev Kandhari, one of the top dermatologists in India. Dr. Sanjeev Kandhari, with nearly 4 decades of experience in the field of dermatology operates from his […]

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Lips Health Tips

Are Your Lips In The Pink Of Health?

Best Tips for Healthy Lips Recently, I had a distraught patient visit me to seek advice on cosmetic intervention to make her lips fuller, pink and plump. In her words, her lips were “thin, dry, discoloured and unattractive”. For once, I just had to begin by commending on her having given more than a thought […]

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Anti-Wrinkle Injections Indication

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Indication Other than the normal indication for which BTX is used, certain other indications where it may be used include: Eyebrow lift Widening of glance – This procedure is essentially indicated for women or men with small eyes (Chinese/Japanese descent) or low set eyebrows. This provides opening of the eyes and a fresher […]

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