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Gum Care

The gums are like the soil which hold our teeth in place. So we at Dr Kandhari’s skin and dental clinic believe that it is of utmost importance to take very good care of our gums as it is the foundation of our teeth.

Teeth cleaning ( scaling and polishing)

Teeth Cleaning
This procedure involves the removal tartar and stains from all the surfaces of the teeth. Every person needs to get a professional teeth cleaning done every 6 months to maintain healthy gums and teeth. If regular scaling is not done it results in pain, sensitivity and bleeding gums. Another problem often seen in patients is a foul smell in the mouth or halitosis.
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Deep Cleaning or Curettage

Deep Cleaning Services In Delhi
This is an extension of the scaling procedure only wherein if cleaning has not been done for the long time, deposits seep into the gums and accumulate on the roots of the teeth. This results in recession of gums where the gum line moves away from the teeth surface thereby exposing the roots and causing severe sensitivity. This also results in loose or mobile teeth and finally loss of teeth. In such cases a thorough cleaning extending subgingivally or under the gum margin is required in order to save the teeth…
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Gum Resculpting

Gum Resculpting
These cases require gum surgery called gingivectomy, gingivoplasty or flap surgery. In these procedures the superficial discolored layer is removed or in some cases the gums are reshaped…
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