Implant Dentistry

A dental implant or endosseous implant or fixture is a surgical component that interfaces with the jaw or skull’s bone to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis, or to act as an orthodontic anchor. Modern dental implants are based on a biologic process known as osseointegration or fusion with the bone. Generally, tissue friendly materials like titanium are used, which develop a close bond to the bone. Treatments like Flexible Denture supported by Implants, ALL ON FOUR, and dental implants that help prevent tooth loss and other dental problems caused by aging are available at our clinic.

Dental implants improve the quality of life and also prevent the face from looking sunken and old. They restore form and function of the oral cavity. The flexible denture implant dentistry treatment is provided at Dr. Kandhari’s Skin and Dental Clinic, which is the best implant dentistry clinic in Greater Kailash, Delhi. Dental implants form the base for fixed teeth so they do not slip and make one uncomfortable while speaking and eating.

Visit today at Dr. Kandhari’s Skin and Dental Clinic to get a painless and affordable tooth implant cost from an expert dental implant specialist in South Delhi.

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants Treatment
We at Dr Kandharis’ Skin and Dental provide dental implants which offer a permanent solution to problems related to dentures. Dental implants fuse with the jawbone. Dental implants are more comfortable than removable ones and more secure with an aesthetic appeal to them…
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All On Four

All On Four Treatment
All on 4 dental implants is a relatively new and revolutionary treatment option for dental implants which enables a complete set of new teeth to be held up by just 4 implants. Because all the teeth are supported just by 4 implants, these implants are placed on specific angles to provide complete support…
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Denture Stabilization

Denture Stabilization Treatment
Wearing loose, uncomfortable dentures?
Dentures dropping down when you laugh or talk?
Dentures making you look older??
If yes then….
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