Dermatological Surgery

Our Dermatological Surgery Services include

Skin Biopsies

Skin Biopsy Treatment
Biopsies are usually undertaken for confirmation of diagnosis in case of conflicting clinical diagnosis
To rule out malignant conditions,…
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Electrosurgery Treatment
Electrocautery for warts, corns, molluscum contagiosum, skin tags, DPN’s, benign growths etc. For Warts and Corns below the feet…
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Cryosurgery Treatment
Cryosurgery is a process which involves “freezing” of warts, benign growths and other such lesions with the help of liquid nitrogen…
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Intralesional Injection for keloids

Keloid Injection Treatment
Intralesionalcortisone injections are typically given in order to soften keloids and decrease the itching and pain associated with them…
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Vitiligo surgery

Vitiligo Surgery in Delhi
A) Suction blister grafting
B) Split thickness skin grafting

Conventional thin split thickness skin grafting…
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Acne surgery

Acne Surgery Treatment
-Comedone extraction – Removal of black heads and white heads with proper technique to avoid marks and open pores.
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Microneedling (Dermaroller)

Microneedling Treatment
The microneedling device is primarily for the following indications
1. Mild to moderate acne scars…
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