Aesthetics is defined as the branch of philosophy which deals with questions of beauty and artistic taste.

“Creating a beautiful face is like painting your masterpiece where even a little imperfection spoils the balance and harmony,” says Dr. Rajat Kandhari who loves painting as much as he loves creating a facial masterpiece.

It’s non-surgical, it’s convenient and the end results are outstanding. Aesthetic treatments are being utilized by a large percentage of male & female population today as these treatments are proven to be quite effective for combating the signs of the aging process on your skin and many other cosmetic (aesthetic) concerns. From skin tightening to a clear and smooth skin texture, you can expect a complete skin rejuvenation with these treatments.

At Dr. Kandhari’s Skin Clinic, we do not recommend you to undergo a procedure without first analyzing your skin because we believe in result-oriented treatments. Not all treatments work for everyone given to their different skin types and different skin concerns; and it also enables us to minimize any side effects or loopholes.

Our Aesthetic Services include

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers In Delhi
As we age our face loses volume and contour, our cheeks sag, there is formation of jowls, our lip corners appear downturned, area around the eye loses volume and appears sunken with or without additional bags and darkening, our lips lose volume and appear dehydrated…
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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti Wrinkle Treatments
Anti-wrinkle injections are used to smoothen the wrinkles and at times contour the face amongst other things.
Dr Rajat has trained extensively in the field of facial aesthetics and we at DrKandhari’s…
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Micro Toxin Injections

Micro Toxin Injection
Want to get rid of those stubborn forehead lines, those wrinkles around these eyes, or just want a refreshed look, but concerned about getting anti wrinkle injections?

Well the answer lies in using minute or diluted doses of the toxin, a technique which has been…
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Perfect Lip

Perfect Lips Treatment

What makes a ‘Perfect Lip’?
Two sides of the lip are considered as twins as compared to the face wherein a little asymmetry is considered as a sign of beauty.
A desirable lip involves volume…

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Fruit peels

Fruit peels Treatment
At Dr. Kandhari’s Skin Clinic, we use only products derived from natural sources for resurfacing your sensitive skin…
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Hydradermie Lift Treatment
The “HydraLIFT” procedure is for those who want an instant radiance with minimal downtime. This procedure is great before an event and works well for all ages.

The procedure entails infusion of small droplets of hyaluronic acid all over…
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Vampire Facelift

Vampire Facelift Treatment
The vampire facelift became a rage due to many celebrities going in for the procedure mostly because of its safety profile. Yes, don’t go by the name, it indeed is a very safe treatment…
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Dermo Peel Treatment
The DERMOpeel from Italy is for those who want regular cleaning, supple skin and gentle glow at a minimal expense as well. This is a facial dermabrasion which helps in resolving various skin issues…
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Mesoglow/Mesotherapy Treatment

Mesoglow Treatment
The Mesoglow procedure (a type of Mesotherapy) involves the infusion of vitamins and antioxidants to give nourishment to the skin and help in decreasing pigment in target areas with the help of transdermal injections…
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