Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin Care Tips from Dr. Sanjeev Kandhari

Winter Skin Care Tips

So, Delhi’s chilly winter is almost here and because we care about you we thought of compiling some winter skin care tips straight from Dr. Sanjeev Kandhari, one of the top dermatologists in India. Dr. Sanjeev Kandhari, with nearly 4 decades of experience in the field of dermatology operates from his Skin Clinic in Delhi. He is a versatile dermatologist and has been serving in this field in every possible manner. At present he is a reviewer of the ‘Indian Journal of Dermatology’ and has been the associate editor of the ‘National Journal for the Indian Association of Dermatologists’. This was just a small introduction about him, you can visit our website at to know more about him and services offered by Dr. Kandhari’s Skin & Dental Clinic.

No Hot Water – Uh! That sounds unfair. Yes we know. But using hot water to wash your face or hands or for bath drains a lot of natural oils from your skin and leaves it rough & dry. And you sure don’t want those white patches of dry skin on your skin. Relax! It doesn’t mean that you have to shiver in cold water. Lukewarm water is always the best choice.

Rules of Moisturizing – Every time you wash your hands and face in winter, you should straight away apply some moisturizer to keep the moisture intact. Also, after taking shower please don’t forget to generously moisturize your body. Water-based moisturizing products should be replaced with oil based products. But if you have oily skin which is prone to acne, do consult your dermatologist before choosing a moisturizer for your skin. And always keep the moisturizer in your bag so that you can re-apply it whenever required.

Don’t ignore Lips – Generally, we moisturize our face and hands and feet quite often in winter but we forget to moisturize our lips. Lips are delicate and thin skin therefore it loses moisture easily and as you know the result is chapped and dry lips which eventually turn darker than the natural colour. So, Dr. Kandhari suggests applying a gentle lip balm having at least SPF 15.

Heal your Heels – Cracked heels are the biggest and most common problem in winter. You must exfoliate and then moisturize your heels every night before sleeping. The best moisturizers for feet are petroleum jelly and coconut oil. Apply generous amount of any of the two, gently massage your feet, put your socks on, go to sleep and wake up to super smooth and soft feet.

Sunscreen is a must – Well, this should come as no surprise to you because you would always want to stay outdoors in winter and so you need protection against harmful sun rays that affect your skin. One important thing, according to Dr. Sanjeev, to add here is not to forget applying sunscreen on all the body parts exposed to sun rather than just using it on your facial skin. Always use good quality products. If you have sensitive skin then you should certainly consult your dermatologist to find the right sunscreen with right SPF for you.

Stay away from Alcohol – Consumption of alcohol in winter definitely sounds like a good idea as it may help keeping you warm but it drains moisture out of your skin. And if you still can’t resist you should drink a lot of water, at least twice the amount of alcohol you consume.

Now, you know it isn’t too hard to get the soft baby-like skin even in winter. Is it? Simply, include these tips in your daily skin care routine and see the difference. Contact us at or directly visit our skin clinic in Greater Kailash if you have severe skin problems in winter.

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