The FACEcraft Programme/Anti Ageing

The FACEcraft program is the brainchild of Dr Rajat Kandhari, and at Veya Aesthetics we unleash our creative best under this program.

“Beauty” is a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that gratify the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

The anti ageing treatment- FACEcraft Programme is a technique by Dr Rajat Kandhari which entails treating the face as a whole and not just a few features of the face. “The idea is to make the shape, form and contours of the face more pleasing and appealing to the eye and achieving an overall youthful and a beautiful face”.

The Anti Ageing treatment in Delhi comprises of a carefully designed regimen after a thorough examination by Dr Rajat which is a combination of skin care, dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and may involve laser work depending upon the patients’ needs and desires.

The anti ageing treatment program is crafted as per individual needs, preferences, goals and motivations.

Steps involved in the Total Facial Beautification process

1. Relaxation & Rebalancing – God has given humans expressive faces, and some of these expressions demonstrate positivity and many of these signify negativity, anger, sadness, inapproachability etc. The expressions are a result of facial muscles pulling the skin (they are therefore referred to as “facial mimetic” muscles) and eventually, over time forming creases around the eyes and mouth and wrinkles on the forehead (horizontal forehead lines), between the eyebrows with a dip in the eyebrow (worry lines), on the nose (bunny lines), around the eyes (crow’s feet). Further repeated action of certain muscles such as the mentalis muscle underneath the skin covering the chin leads to puckering / dimpling of the skin on the chin and the repeated action orbicularis oris around the mouth leads to fine lines and wrinkles in the lower face.

A pull or contraction of a single muscle is usually opposed by the action of another muscle thereby providing balance to the face. With time and repeated usage of the muscles and aging, this balance gets distorted and a pleasant person may appear inapproachable or a happy person may seem dull or sad. At Veya Aesthetics we strive to make our patients look happy, beautiful and relaxed by anti ageing treatment and that’s where this step of the FACEcraft program comes in, wherein after a thorough assessment the need for relaxation and re-balancing of certain muscles and expressions is taken care of. The procedure is painless, requires less than half an hour of your time and has no downtime. Further the natural balance of the face is restored giving the face a relaxed and fresher look.

2. Revolumise – The face is divided into distinct fat compartments (superficial and deep) some of which are segregated by ligaments. These fat compartments of the face provide projection to the cheek and define contours of the face. A good skeletal framework and well defined fat compartments result in a well contoured face amongst certain other things. With age the deeper fat compartments migrate and result in the formation of lines and folds of the face and the resultant loss of volume, akin to slowly deflating balloon leading to the 4D’s – deflation, descent, disproportion and tissue deterioration. In this case, anti ageing solution is required to treat them. This step of the anti ageing treatment- FACEcraft program primarily addresses the deflation aspect directly and indirectly the descent and disproportion aspect. The re-inflation of the depleted fat compartments is done with the help of soft tissue fillers giving projection and contour to the cheek and provide structure to the face as well. Further, contour is provided to the lower face, jawline, chin, under eye area and the forehead if required.  The goal is to restore lost contours in a graded manner to achieve subtle and natural results.  Further, the soft tissue fillers also help in restoring the descent and disproportion thereby providing a lift to the face and restoring balance and harmony. These maybe combined with a thread lift procedure in selected patients to optimize results. Certain patients may not be appropriate candidates and maybe advised accordingly.

3. Re-draping – As our fat compartments migrate and the skeletal framework and muscles become weaker or deteriorate with time, it is our outer envelope, the skin which is actually most prone to insult and undergoes the maximum deterioration through factors such as sunlight, environmental pollutants, toxins, chemicals, physical and mental stress, smoking etc.

This leads to dehydration of the skin, loss of elasticity, deterioration of the underlying collagen framework, sun spots, pigmentary changes to name a few.

So redraping the skin envelope forms a vital part of anti ageing treatment- FACEcraft program which would not be complete without this step. Here fruit peels, hydrotherapy / mesotherapy, laser devices and/or fractional microneedle radiofrequency is utilized and an appropriate home care regimen advised as per individual requirements.  For example, an oily skin may demand a different protocol compared to a combination or dry skin for optimal results and a final glowing or dewy complexion. Anti ageing treatment is needed in this case to overcome the problem.

4. Restoring dentition and your smile – We at Veya Aesthetics believe in offering our patients a “complete” approach by Anti Ageing treatment. No face is complete without a beautiful smile and Dr Gargi Kandhari and Dr Priyanka Basu strive to provide just that to our patients. A refined, restored and great looking dentition goes a long way in shaping your face and providing harmony to the face. The patients are thoroughly examined and the problem areas are identified and accordingly an individualized plan is made to restore the dentition in the best possible manner.

We at Veya Aesthetics believe in natural anti ageing treatments and firmly stick by our motto of “beautiful inside, beautiful outside”. Patients are advised a healthy lifestyle and we as a team strive to restore for our patient’s proportion, harmony and symmetry to their beautiful faces at a graded and comfortable pace. The anti ageing treatment- FACEcraft program does not only believe in making you look your best but also be your best.

The process may be graded over weeks to years as per the patient’s personal goals, their budget and their age.


none to minimal depending upon intervention

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