Anti-Wrinkle Injections Treatment

Anti-wrinkle injections are used to smoothen the wrinkles and at times contour the face amongst other things.
Dr Rajat has trained extensively in the field of facial aesthetics and we at DrKandhari’s make sure that only products of the highest standards are used to give you natural, subtle and refreshed look, and not the “frozen” appearance which has unfortunately become synonymous with this form of treatment due to improper technique, unregulated practices and use of cheap products.

Anti Wrinkle Treatments
We urge our patients to make sure they choose the right practitioner, the right clinic and a doctor who takes time to analyze your facial movements and makes sure the right dosing is given at the right place to ensure optimal results.

Some of the popular treatments with BTX are

a) Around the eye – Wrinkles around and below the eye

b) Frown lines and horizontal forehead lines

c) Chin creases

d) Brow lifting – For some people the brows start drooping with age giving a droopy eyed and tired appearance and this can be corrected by giving a beautiful lift to the eyebrow giving it the desired “gull wing shaped” brow wherein there is a gradual arch laterally, and the lateral end or ‘tail’ of the brow located higher than the medial end.

e) Jaw contouring or Slimming of the lower face – This technique has been adapted by Dr Rajat wherein the masseter muscle and the parotid gland is injected with the toxin to give the lower face a contoured appearance. A “boxy” or “squarish” face is common in the Asian subcontinent and with this technique one can achieve a desirable, more youthful and defined jawline.
Periodic injections of the toxin given directly into the masseter muscle contribute to a well-defined, chiseled jawline, which is desirable. The treatment aims at reducing the bulk of the muscles and slim down the face. This technique may be combined with fillers and the “neffertiti lift” to achieve a full lower face rejuvenation. If one wants to maintain this kind of contoured appearance the frequency of treatment required maybe more than usual initially which can subsequently be maintained with regular intervals.

Procedure time

15 – 30 mins


minimal, one can go to work the next day

What to expect

Rare bruising in certain areas more than others. This may be covered with make-up. Mild feeling of tightness (especially for first timers)

Duration of effect / Longevity of result

The results of treatment last for close to 6 months although after 4 months one can notice the effect wearing off.
BTX is a hugely studied molecule worldwide and has a great safety and tolerability profile. Safety of BTX has been established in a wide number of indications and there have been no long-term adverse effects or health hazards related to the use of this agent for any cosmetic indication. Treatments have not been associated with any permanent clinical effects, and if used in a proper manner in skilled hands the incidence of complications is low, and their severity mild.

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