Perfect Lip Augmentation

What makes a ‘Perfect Lip’?
Two sides of the lip are considered as twins as compared to the face wherein a little asymmetry is considered as a sign of beauty.
A desirable lip involves volume, definition, contour and shine and this can be achieved with the use of soft-tissue fillers. For the lip, smooth fillers are used to avoid lumps and bumps to give you the perfect, desirable lip.

perfct-lipWhat exactly is Lip Augmentation?
Lip augmentation is also referred to as lip enhancement, lip contouring, lip plumping or lip filler treatment. It is a non-surgical procedure which is used to improve your lips with the insertion of soft-tissue fillers. Lip fillers not just augment or volumize the lips but they can also help in:
* Defining the lip borders including cupid’s bow
* Lifting the droopy lip corners
* Hydrating the lips

These fillers mostly consist of hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance produced in our body. It is responsible for providing volume and hydration to the skin. However, with age the production of HA starts declining. So, HA filler is a completely safe medical procedure and generally, there are no side effects to it.

The rising demand of Lip Fillers 
It’s an era of selfies and pouts where everyone is conscious of how they look. However, beautiful lips have been one of the basic parameters for measuring the magnitude of beauty since ages. And, with modern dermatology and aesthetic practices, giving proper volume and definition to your lips is an easy job.
A perfectly done lip augmentation lasts for about six months. Previously collagen and fat injections were used as fillers but, their success rates were very low. Use of hyaluronic acid is result oriented, therefore, no wonder it is being extensively used for lip augmentation. Hyaluronic acid is also found naturally in the human body and this fact makes it more acceptable to the body. 

Consultation decides the success of Lip Fillers
A complete makeover of your lips can be done with the technique of lip augmentation. It can redefine the shape, size and structure of your lips.
Yes, all of it is achievable if you discuss your expectations with your dermatologist during the consultation. A dermatologist will examine the lips to suggest the amount of filler to be injected and what outcomes you must expect. It is crucial to determine the lip shape & size according to overall facial proportions and not see the lips as an individual unit. Only an expert injector like Dr. Rajat Kandhari can rightly assess the facial aesthetics (balance & proportions) and make the final outcome look ‘natural’. So, always choose your doctor wisely.  

The Procedure
Dr. Rajat Kandhari’s sense of aesthetics makes him one of the most skilled cosmetic dermatologists in Delhi for lip augmentation treatment. At Dr. Kandhari’s Skin Clinic, the procedure begins with the analysis and discussion with the patient to understand which size and shape he/she desires to have. It’s a completely painless procedure wherein a numbing cream is applied on the area to be injected, i.e. lips and the surrounding area. This is done to lessen the discomfort to the patient. Nowadays, most fillers have anaesthetic in them, so a separate numbing cream may not be needed. A very fine needle is used for injecting the fillers. The trick is to go slow while injecting the lip filler. If a patient desires more volume it can be done in the successive sessions. 

Procedure Time
It’s a perfect lunch-time procedure which takes somewhere between 15-30 minutes.

None. There may be slight bruising or swelling for which an ice pack can be applied. However, the patient can resume their daily schedule immediately after the procedure if they wish to. 

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