Micro Toxin Injections

Want to get rid of those stubborn forehead lines, those wrinkles around these eyes, or just want a refreshed look, but concerned about getting anti wrinkle injections?

Well the answer lies in using minute or diluted doses of the toxin, a technique which has been pioneered by DrWoffles Wu, under whom Dr Rajat Kandhari has trained to master the technique, modify it and adapt it in his practice. Multiple superficial micro doses are given into the skin of the face and neck, causing sweat glands and sebaceous glands to decrease in size and thereby giving a smoother and clearer skin without actually looking plastic – as the substance is not given directly into your muscles as it is in the conventional technique – there are lesser side effects and no loss of movement in major facial muscles (NO PLASTIC LOOK).

Micro Toxin Injection TreatmentThis technique is particularly great for those who want a completely “NATURAL” sort of appearance, devoid of stubborn facial lines and want a smooth texture to the skin. The technique also works for neck lines and to an extent even for open pores. The effects may not last as long as the conventional technique. The technique may be combined with fillers as combining the two will not only give a fuller rejuvenation or contouring of the face, but will also provide a synergistic action to each other.

Procedure time

15 – 30 mins


minimal, one can go to work the next day

What to expect

On the day of treatment you may experience mild bumps / redness for an hour and rarely bruising. This may be covered with make-up. The procedure is well tolerated by most patients.

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