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Know Your face: Treatments for Different Parts of Your Face

Treatments for Different Parts of Your Face

Don’t we all want to look beautiful and attractive? One of the most important aspects of beauty is having sharp features, which consists of a good proportion, balance, symmetry, clarity and harmony of each part of the face. That’s why we believe, ‘the creation of beauty is art’.

With innovations in aesthetics, everyone can now get a beautiful, natural-looking face. But, choosing the right aesthetician and the right kind of treatment is very crucial. Why? Because your face is your identity and you shall not allow an amateur to experiment with it. So, let’s first understand what all treatments are available for different parts of your face.

Frown lines & forehead wrinkles can instantly make you look older. And if it is making you feel worried, visit “Veya Aesthetics” where we use anti-wrinkle injections to smoothen out forehead lines and frown lines. Anti-wrinkle injections are safe, effective, and affordable.
Dermal fillers are used for forehead contouring, which is appropriate for adults in good health and who want to accentuate the appearance of their forehead.
Forehead rejuvenation can be achieved via treatments like Hydralift, Chemical peels (fruit peels) & Laser resurfacing (laser peels).

2. Eyes
It is believed that ageing takes places earliest around the eyes and ageing in this area can make one look tired, dull and sad. A little change in this area can go a long way in making one look fresher and rejuvenated. Further a change in the eyebrow shape can give you a well-groomed and glamorous look highlighting your eyes. The crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes can be treated with the help of anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers , further dermal fillers can be used to fill out depressions (hollows) under the eye area, also known as the “tear trough”.
Dark circles can be treated through fruit peels; exfoliation, abrasion and shedding of the superficial skin cells followed by remodeling without scarring. The most frequently used peels for dark circles are arginine and lactic acid peels.

3. Cheeks
Cheek reshaping is an option for restoring youthfulness and making you look more glamorous and adding the “wow” factor to the face. A fuller cheek and a higher cheekbone is a desirable feature in the female face, whereas a full cheek with an edgy and angular highlight is appealing in a male face. Soft tissue fillers or dermal fillers are used to provide volume, highlight or contour to the cheek area. Thread lift is another procedure which may be used alone or along with fillers to elevate parts of the cheeks. All the above procedures are non-surgical and involve little or no post procedure discomfort or down time. At “Veya Aesthetics” it is our endeavor to provide you with the most “natural” and “subtle” looking results, and not an unnatural or “plastic” look.

4. Nose
Nose is one of the most prominent features of your face. This area is addressed via non-surgical “nose reshaping” via dermal fillers or surgical rhinoplasty. This can improve the shape, angle and the size of your nose resulting in a chiseled, sharper and aesthetically appealing nose. This treatment not only helps in aesthetically correcting your nose but also in the structural problems that restrict breathing and cause congestion, can be corrected through this treatment.

5. Lips
Two sides of the lips are considered twins. Symmetrical, beautiful and healthy looking lips are not only desirable but also appear aesthetically pleasing. The lips should be treated carefully and use of filler material should be judicious as we want the results to look natural and appealing and not unnatural and obvious. At “Veya Aesthetics” we believe in assessing the lip structure, volume and shape and make an individualized protocol for each patient and provide our beautiful patients with the “perfect pout”.

6. Laugh lines
Dermal fillers are commonly used for filling the laugh lines or the nasolabial folds. At “Veya Aesthetics” we employ a two point or a three point technique for “natural” and “subtle” results. The idea is to smoothen the lines and not erase them in order to provide a graceful look. Thread lifts may be combined with dermal fillers for better results.

7. Chin
The chin is a neglected part of the face. Providing shape, projection and contour to the chin adds balance and proportion to the face and is highly gratifying for the patient and the doctor. Shape and proportion are created with the help of dermal fillers while for creasing out the wrinkles and fine lines anti-wrinkle injections maybe added for the best results.

8. Jawline
There’s nothing more captivating than a chiseled jawline, both in men & women. The masseter muscle which helps us in chewing our food provides shape to the jawline along with the mandibular bone upon which it lies. Although bone restructuring may require surgical options and are taken of by our dentists at “Veya Aesthetics”, non-surgical options include changing the size of the masseter muscle, by anti-wrinkle injections and reshaping the jawline with dermal fillers.

Many of these problems are related to the process of aging. As you age, it starts taking a toll on your facial features but now you can look as young as you are at heart and age beautifully. At “Veya Aesthetics” we make sure our patients get the best products, and the best care. It is our sincere endeavor to give you natural and beautiful results and make sure our wonderful patients age gracefully by leading skin specialist in Delhi. For any queries or consultation kindly write to us at

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