PRP Hair Fall Treatment

PRP Hair Fall TreatmentPRP (platelet rich plasma) hair fall treatment is used for a natural restoration of hair. This treatment is equally suitable option for men as well as women. It is the most frequently performed non-surgical PRP treatment for hair loss or hair thinning.

PRP is essentially like giving nutrients (the platelet rich plasma) to the scalp for better growth of hair (akin to giving fertilizer to a barren land). In this procedure a qualified phlebotomist takes 20ml of your blood from which the precious platelets are extracted after centrifugation, these are further activated to release growth factors which are then injected into your scalp in order to make your hair more nourished and denser than before.

How does PRP Treatment work?
The main aim of PRP treatment for hair fall is to stimulate inactive hair follicles into a phase of active growth. Granules such as glycogen, lysosomes and alpha granules are present in the platelets which contain clotting and growth.

The advantages of PRP treatment include:

1. Safety – Since the patient’s own blood is used to formulate the PRP and is then injected into the scalp the chances of allergies and other inadvertent reactions are minimal.

2. Minimal chances of infection – A specific amount of white blood cells (known as natural defenders against infections) make up the portion of PRP which eliminates the chances of infections.

3. No surgery, no downtime – patient goes out walking from the clinic within half an hour and can get back instantly to normal routine.

4. Minimal pain – the procedure is well tolerated by most patients and done under local anaesthesia.

5. Quick results – the results are seen from the 1st sessions onward. The hair fall stalls, the quality and texture of the hair improves and eventually with subsequent sessions new hair growth is evident.

Why PRP treatment for hair loss?

1. PRP treatment for hair fall is an easy non-surgical procedure.

2. PRP therapy for hair fall is a short duration process of injecting multiple injections.

3. The results of PRP treatment for hair fall are quick, safe and reliable.

4. Minimal downtime.

This treatment has become a popular treatment for hair loss and is loved by patients. At Dr. Kandhari’s Clinic, we suggest this treatment to people who are dealing with excessive hair loss, hair thinning or patterned hair loss, nutritional hair loss or to improve the texture and density of the hair. PRP is not a first line treatment option but an adjuvant or add on treatment which is beneficial for the patient.

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