Hair Fall and Hair Loss Treatment

hair fall treatment

Hair Fall and Hair Loss Treatment

Hair fall in various forms has become a common complaint in today’s day and age. Diffuse hair fall is a common cause of stress and panic in most individuals who suffer from this leading to hair fall treatments being employed in various forms including numerous home remedies.


Hair fall maybe broadly classified as

  1. Androgenetic alopecia or Male pattern and / or female pattern hair loss

This type of hair fall is mediated by a hormone commonly present in males but also in females. This causes decrease in the size and diameter (process of miniaturization). This type of hair fall is generally slow in progress and typically the patient wont complaint of excessive fall but a slow fall over the period of months or years and thinning and/or loss if hair in a particular pattern, which varies in males and females.

Androgenetic alopecia of some degree in seen in almost all males and early intervention is key to hair fall treatment and preservation of one’s hair.

  1.       b) Diffuse hair fall or telogen effluvium

Sudden excessive hair fall post an insult to the body in the form of crash diets,

fever (typhoid, dengue, chikungunya etc.), straightening or re-bonding, surgery, mental stress, delivery of a baby are common causes of this type of alarming hair fall. This is typically seen about 3-4 months after the insult and the common complaints include- hair on the pillow, decrease in the size of the ponytail, chunks of hair in the shower drain and rubber band etc. The good news is that “acute telogen effluvium” is self limiting, i.e. typically settles in a weeks to months, although providing hair fall treatment is prudent as the patient is alarmed by the amount of hair fall.

“Chronic telogen effluvium” is similar kind of hair fall persisting beyond 6 weeks and may occur due to certain chronic conditions, iron deficiency, chemotherapy etc.  

  1. c) Alopecia areata – Sudden loss of hair in a particular area, which is typically round and completely bald. At times one may notice few thin standing hair in the patch. This is an autoimmune condition affecting the hair follicles and the pigment producing cells in the follicle as well, and therefore at times there maybe white hair interspersed with the black hair. Although, hair fall treatment for this condition is encouraging and usually there is regrowth of hair and the repigmentation, barring a few resistant cases.

At Dr. Kandhari’s a thorough medical history is taken from each patient, aimed at delineating the cause of the hair fall and subsequently appropriate hair fall treatment is advised for the same. At times medical tests are advised to confirm the cause of the hair fall and / or any underlying nutritional deficiencies.


We providehair fall treatment in the following forms, depending upon the condition, severity and the goal of the patient:

  1. Medical treatment in the form of serums, solutions etc.
  2. Procedural –
  • Intralesional injections for alopecia areata.
  • Platelet rich plasma – This hair fall treatment is a bridge between medical and surgical treatment. Here the patients blood is taken and then undergoes a process called centrifugation in order to extract the platelet rich segment from the blood which is then injected into the scalp. At Dr Kandhari’s we use a special technique in order to make the procedure almost painless for our patients.
  • For further details kindly view the video below:
  • Stem cell treatment, microneedling and mesotherapy for androgenetic alopecia. These are add on or adjuvant treatments for someone not responding to conventional medical treatment or wanting a faster result. Here growth factors along with vitamins and essential nutrients are injected into the scalp for boosting the growth of strong and healthy hair.  

Surgical options for advanced cases of male and female pattern hair loss in the form of hair transplantation are carried out to give our patients optimal outcomes and freedom from their hair fall and also a renewed confidence.
The most commonly used Hair Transplant techniques today include FUE & FUT methods. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction while FUT is Follicular Unit Transplant. In FUE hair follicles are randomly taken from the scalp which makes the hair less dense but it is hardly noticeable. It is a minimally invasive procedure in which one hair graft is transplanted at a time. This technique is comparatively less painful and has lesser downtime than the FUT method.
FUT is also known as the Strip Technique because in this method a strip of tissues is removed generally from the back of the head. Then the required hair follicles will be extracted from this strip. In a single session of FUT, multiple grafts can be implanted and therefore it is mostly advised for people dealing with complete baldness as the results will be consistent.

Choosing the right hair fall treatment
During your consultation, our dermatologist will guide you about which hair fall treatment will be more beneficial for you after identifying the reasons for excessive hair loss.  

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