All On Four

all-on-fourAll on 4 dental implants is a relatively new and revolutionary treatment option for dental implants which enables a complete set of new teeth to be held up by just 4 implants. Because all the teeth are supported just by 4 implants, these implants are placed on specific angles to provide complete support.


All you have to do is to take an appointment with one of our dentists at Dr Kandharis’ Skin and Dental clinic for a consultation session. The consultation is meant to clear your doubts and all your queries and concerns are answered by our expert dentists. During consultation our dentist figures out whether All on 4 dental implants would be perfect for you or not. You will be educated about the process and all other details relevant to the process of All on 4 dental implants.
The procedure of fitting implants includes placing the back two implants at a 45 degree angle and the front implants placed at a 90 degree angle. The placement of the implants is critical because at these angles the implants provide maximum support and anchorage and aids rapid healing.
When the implants are positioned, abutments are attached. Abutments are small devices used to connect the implants to the new restorations. A dentist then will examine whether the placement of implants enables you to achieve desired smile and complete the process. After the implants are fixed, you’ll be advised to make regular dentist visits to assess the progress and avoid harmful dental conditions.


  • Fewer implants used compared to traditional implants
  • Cost effective
  • Less invasive
  • New teeth fitted in same appointment
  • Superior quality and esthetics

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