Fractional lasers have given acne scar patients hope to address the scars on their face which are cosmetically frustrating and have a toll on one’s psyche.
Acne is considered a disorder with high psychosocial impact and the scarring adds to it. One needs to give hope to the patient that we can address the issue and get back on track”, says Dr Rajat Kandhari.

Acne Scar Laser TreatmentAfter thorough assessment and studying the individual scars Dr Rajat plans a acne scar treatment map for his patients which entails the laser to be used and any add on treatment / procedure which may be required to give the best possible outcomes.

Lasers available at DrKandhari’s Clinic:

  • Palomar 1540, Erbium Glass laser
  • Lumenis Acupulse, CO2 Laser
  • Lumenis ResurFX, Erbium Fiber laser

Dr Kandhari's Skin & Dental Clinic