Dental ExtractionThe removal of third (wisdom) molars is one of the most common oral surgery procedures , owing to the position of the wisdom teeth, in many cases, they do not emerge into the mouth and can become impacted against the next molar or against the bone of the jaw.

Other procedures carried out in oral surgery include the extraction of broken roots which are still embedded in the jawbone and the removal of cysts or other growths from the jaws. Soft tissue surgery such as biopsies and the removal of lumps or growths on the lips or cheeks is also done at your Delhi dentist in GK 1.

Patients can undergo most types of oral surgery comfortably under local anesthetic, although the Delhi dentists in GK 1 team always discuss the option of inhalation sedation or conscious sedation with nervous patients.

If you think you may need to undergo oral surgery, book a consultation with an oral surgeon at Dr Kandharis’ Skin and Dental Clinic, who will examine your mouth and explain what is suitable for you.

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