Fruit Peels Treatment

At Dr. Kandhari’s Skin Clinic, we use only products derived from natural sources for resurfacing your sensitive skin, for:

* Acne
* Acne marks
* Sun damage
* Mild wrinkles/fine lines
* Pigmentary disorders
* Skin dullness
* Under eye dark circles etc.

chemical peels treatment

Fruit peeling (also commonly known as chemical peels treatment) is done with the help of fruit acids. Natural ingredients have a long-lasting effect to beautify the skin.
Chemical peels (in Delhi) available at Dr. Kandhari’s Skin Clinic are:
* Glycolic acid (derived from cane sugar)
* Salicylic acid (extracted from willow tree)
* TCA (modified from common vinegar)
* Yellow peel (Retinol, a Vitamin A source)
* Combination peels

What to Expect
You would be expected to sign a consent form prior to the procedure. You may experience mild tingling and burning during the procedure.

The Procedure
A numbing cream is applied before the procedure to make it a comfortable experience for the patient. The process involves application of one or the combination of chemical peels as mentioned above. This promotes superficial peeling of the outer layer of skin which results in revealing new, soft and smoother skin eventually.
There will be some pre and post treatment instructions which are crucial to be followed in order to amplify the results and minimise the risk of any side effects. 

Only the best peel for you!
The peel used for an individual is decided as per the indication. Individual tests prior to any cosmetic treatment ensure and enlarge the scope of success. Depending on the individual skin type and texture Dr. Rajat plans a regimen which includes a single peel or sequential peeling (one peel after another) to give optimum results. Most of the peels used in Indian patients comprise superficial chemical peels treatment to minimize the chances of adverse effects. So, at Dr. Kandhari’s Clinic our  dermatologist decides which fruit peel is best suited and required for your skin because we do not believe in ‘one treatment suits all’.
The cost of chemical peels in Delhi also depends on the type of chemical peel and no. sessions required for an individual.  

Procedure Time
It is a quick lunchtime procedure which takes around 15-20 minutes. One can resume their daily routine immediately after the procedure in most cases. Downtime
Minimum to no downtime depending upon the treatment and individual concerns. 

Duration of Effect
Although after the first session you will have clarity on the face, visible therapeutic effects are usually seen after 2-3 sessions. Effects are maintained with topical treatment after the stipulated amount of sessions decided at the start of treatment as per the individual case.

Post-Procedure Instructions
The skin may feel sensitive after chemical peeling so it is important to follow the post-procedure guidelines shared by the dermatologist. You would be advised to avoid sun exposure for a couple of weeks to ensure great results.

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