Aren’t you tired with your monthly sessions of waxing?

Laser Hair Removal Treatment is the perfect solution for your problem. Hair removal treatment with the help of laser gives you relief from unwanted hair for a longer time of period than shaving or waxing. Lasers are now popularly being used for the permanent hair removal or hair reduction all over the world. Lasers are being used to remove unwanted hair from the face, underarm, bikini line, and other body parts. Laser hair removal is a safe and highly effective treatment as the laser only targets dark coarse hair specifically and will not affect the surrounding skin.

diode laser hair removal treatmentDr. Rajat Kandhari is an experienced and well-learned dermatologist in this field, having trained many dermatologists and spoken at various forum regarding this topic. At Dr. Kandhari’s Skin Clinic in Greater Kailash, our state of the art diode technology is a premium high-speed, high power diode laser system for permanent hair reduction equipped with collimated, 
optical lens, a great chilling tip and a good spot size to give the patient a comfortable and pleasant experience.

Pre Procedure
1. No waxing , plucking or epilation the hair prior to the procedure – This will take the shaft of the hair out of the follicle which is required for the laser hair removal to be successful.

2. No bleaching – The laser hair removal procedure targets black hair and bleaching will therefore compromise the results.

3. Shaving is done pre procedure – This does not lead to thicker growth over time as the laser hair removal procedure is being used.

4. Pre procedure anaesthesia – Usually not required as the procedure is relatively painless and very comfortable. Certain areas with thick hair and individuals with very low pain thresholds require a numbing cream prior to the procedure.

5. In case of signs and symptoms suggestive of hormonal imbalances the patient maybe asked to conduct a few tests to rule out conditions which may lead to unwanted growth of hair.

The German technology used at Dr. Kandhari’s Skin Clinic allows for treatment of coarse and fine hair (it has a special mode designed just for fine hair) plus also included the famous “in motion” for less discomfort during treatments and effective, lasting results. The procedure is very comfortable and fast.

Diode laser emits highly concentrated impulses of light energy into hair follicles. Pigment present in the hair follicle absorbs the light that penetrates and heats the hair shaft causing its vaporisation. The heating is selective and restricted to the hair follicle thereby decreasing the chances of burns and other side effects.

Post Procedure
After completion of the procedure, patients are advised to use ice-packs and a good sunscreen.

We at Dr. Kandhari’s Skin Clinic make sure that each of our patients understand the process and the very fact that it is a laser hair removal process. With numerous salons and quacks offering the procedure we make sure our patients are not mislead regarding the procedure or entrapped with advertisements over promising and under delivering.

Procedure time

depends on the part to be treated. (eg. Upper lip would take under 10 mins, whereas legs would take close to half an hour to an hour)



What to expect

you would be required to sign a consent form prior to the procedure. Shaving of the part to be treated will be done prior to the procedure. The procedure and the side effects will be explained in detail to your full satisfaction.

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