Clear Aligners / Invisible or Clear Braces

Clear Aligners Braces in Delhi, South Delhi, Greater KailashWhat Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces or clear aligners are also sometimes known as invisible braces. The process uses a set of removable aligners (plastic trays) that fit comfortably over the teeth.
Each set of these aligners is required to be worn for 2 weeks and then a new set is given to you.

What Orthodontic Problems Can Be Treated with Clear Aligners or Clear Braces?

clear-aligners-21. Simple realignments.
2. Treating mild irregularities in tooth alignment, crowding issues, and problems with incorrectly spaced teeth.
3. It’s not ideal for treating orthodontic problems that require multiple tooth extractions.
4. Not ideal for complex treatments that require the tooth roots to be extensively moved.

Benefits of Choosing Clear Aligners or Clear Braces?

Prime benefit being that they can be removed for easy cleaning and can be taken out whenever you eat something.

Helps in maintaining good oral health easily during treatment without the need to spend a lot of time to clean the spaces between brackets and wires.

Also, it doesn’t require any need to avoid certain kind of foods. You can eat whatever you want to.

In a number of cases, people are reluctant to get dental treatments like braces because they are conscious of their self-image. For such patients, clear braces are the answer without having to face embarrassment.

Disadvantages of Choosing Clear Aligners or Clear Braces?

The major disadvantage of this treatment is that it can treat only specific orthodontic problems.

Clear Braces may not be a perfect solution for all.

Clear Braces do work fine but may still not be able to fetch as much results as fixed braces can to straighten your teeth.

You have to follow some guidelines such as you are supposed to wear clear braces for at least 18+ hours per day. If you forget or fail to do so, the treatment may take longer to complete and show results.

Step-By-Step Process for Having Clear Aligners or Clear Braces?

Our expert dentists follow a specific process for this treatment, which is as follows:
1. When you first approach us for an appointment, we prefer to fix a consultation session as per your convenience and availability of our dentists.

2. The first face to face session is dedicated to educate you about the treatment and its pros and cons. Also, an initial examination is done to thoroughly check the condition of your teeth and accordingly suggest the right kind of treatment for you.

3. If clear aligners will be the best suitable option for your dental problems then, our dentists take an x-ray and impression of your teeth so that clear aligners can be customized to fit your teeth without causing you inconvenience.

4. When the clear braces are ready and received from the lab, they will be fitted for you by our orthodontist.

5. Dentist will recommend quarterly visits to the clinic so as to check the progress.

6. After the completion of the treatment, permanent invisible retainers are fixed so that teeth stay in the corrected position.

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